Day 2.0 of web 2.0 is better than 1.0

Just heading into lunch time break but this AM was much better than yesterday. Even though I'm still sitting on the floor -- I've found the google lounge which has unlimited supply of vitawater and M&Ms -- two good things to make sitting on the floor more comfortable. In addition, I no longer expected to sit in a chair at this conference i.e. my expectations are lower.

There were a few interesting presentations today. I'll leave you with two observations.

First,  Amazon is awesome and growing. They're web services stuff is only getting cooler -- I think they're looking at making the one click into a web service! This would be awesome for ecommerce addition, I know they're coming out with a deals web service in the next week or two. This isn't public but trust me the information comes from a reliable source.  I think it's something that we're likely to work with at Judy's Book

Second, Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley presented. This is the second time I've heard her present. She's a data machine. I found her first presentation on the state of the internet compelling -- and today's 15 minute presentation wasis no different. She throws lots of incredibly interesting and detailed data down your throat -- the feeling is much like drinking from a fire hose. However, she's great ....and the numbers surrounding the state of the internet are even greater. Two thoughts for you -- one is video, video, video....and second is the investment banking community's observations of the world is really interesting for an entrepreneur -- listening to the perspective was useful in getting me to pull my head of the trees and try to see the forest. I'm going to dig more into her presentation later tonight. It's online and I encourage you to search for it and look for it....if I find it I'll post the link tomorrow.

Until later...that's it from web 2.0 conference