Credit Card Roulette concludes most Founder's Co-op Dinners

We had a great Founder's Co-op dinner this past Wed night.  As investors we meet to discuss new deals and review the current portfolio. The meetings happen every other month -- this past Wed was the first meeting of the year.   Below is the agenda:

Welcome and Overview (Andy & Chris) - 4:00-4:15 (15 Mins)

Company Presentations - Updates 4:15 – 5:15PM (1 hr)

  • LookStat - 30 mins (ends at 4:45)
  • AppStoreHQ - 30 mins (ends at 5:15) 

New Deals - 5:15 - 5:45 (30 mins)

    • One yet to be named company

Other  - 6:00 - 6:30

    • Discussion

Optional Dinner 6:30 - 8PM (location TBD)

I could talk a lot about the meeting but the real meet of the founder's co-op meetings is the dinner and drinks afterwards. We've begun inviting all the founder's of our portfolio company (at least the ones located in the Eastlake office) to dinner. This past Wed we walked down the street and ate at Ravish. I can't say exactly what goes on at these dinners -- not because I'm trying to be secretive -- no, it's rather that the nights are lively conversations and drinks about the meeting, business, and life. Wednesdays meeting felt like it was the holidays again -- people are in good spirits and while business is never a straight line it feels like our companies and our little fund are making real progress.  The night always ends with a game of credit card roulette amongst the investors to pay for dinner. Special congratulations and thanks to Andy Liu for winning! Thanks to everyone for coming. Can't wait to the next LP / entrepreneur meeting in March!