Crazy, excellent day to start TechStars Seattle open applications: an awakening

We had OpenCoffee at Louisa's today -- and it was a dedicated informal coffee for those folks who wanted to learn more about TechStars, the application process, the selection process, and the results to date -- which are impressive (7 out of 10 TechStars companies gets funded to a legit series A).   

Entrepreneurs and teams abounded -- I found myself in a number of really interesting conversations. One of the best was one entrepreneur who explained how excited he was to have quit his day job at BIG company locally and to be starting his own company. He explained in a voice that was all to believable how deadening it felt to work at this particular company and how energized he was by the process of starting a company and by the energy at Louisa's this morning. His explanation resonated for me -- it reminded me of when I started my first company and the whole experience was awakening and enlivening.  Helping people like this in Seattle reminded me of why I am working with TechStars -- like the entrepreneurs -- ti's certainly not the PAY!  It's all about the feeling!

There were a number of investors in TechStars Seattle who came to check the coffee out: Greg Gottesman from Madrona, Michelle Goldberg from Ignition, and Brad Feld from Foundry Group were there. 

Thanks to everyone -- sorry if I didn't get a chance to buy your coffee -- it had been my intention to buy everyone coffee but Louisa's couldn't figure out how to do that easily!  Oh well.