Complaints about Seattle

So you've heard the things that I was worried about prior to moving to Seattle. Now that I've been living in Seattle for the better part of 5 years, I have a clear idea about the areas where Seattle is lacking. While I'm quite willing to point these limitations out, I want people to know that I think Seattle is great -- it's a great place to live period.

The following are my complaints about Seattle:
1) The restaurants scene is just ok
I wouldn't say the scene sucks and I wouldn't say it's great....and that's just it -- the scene is just ok. Unfortunately, it's below the restaurant scenes in other major metropolitan areas that I've lived or frequented such as NY, Providence, San Francisco, LA, and Boston. In my opinion, it's fair to say that there are a couple really good restaurants, the salmon and crab are great, and everything else is just ok . But the food that my wife and I love to eat -- anything asian -- is just ok in Seattle.

2) The entrepreneur scene is just ok
Much of what I just wrote about the restaurant scene can also be applied to the entrepreneur scene. It's taken me a while to make sure that it wasn't me, that the entrepreneurial scene I craved wasn't simply occuring somewhere in Seattle that I was not -- and while that there's a chance that may still be the case, my confidence in stating that the entrepreneurial scene is just ok has risen. Not sure why this is so -- and I haven't given up hope, but Seattle lacks the entrepreneurial spirt of most of the cities on either coast. There are pockets of people who are working hard to improve this situation -- to make the city more of an entrepreneurial mecca. In the meantime, people might be sleepless in seattle because of the coffee, just know that in my experience to date -- it's not the entrepreneurial buzz keeping everyone awake.

I'm not one to openly compain and not do anything about it. I've gone ahead and started a company (, teach entrepreneurship at the UW, and continue to eat out lots!