Check out CouponLooker

My team at Judy's Book has been hard at work lately! They've just released a little experiment that I think is very cool -- it's called CouponLooker and simply put is the best way to search for a coupon online (period, exclamation point). !

People love to save money! And thus, many people love coupons.  When shopping online, most online checkout forms have a field for coupon code entry. It's a pain in the ass to find the right coupon code to put into the box to actually save the money. (this probably isn't accidental). Google and other companies don’t make it easy for consumers to find this information. Couponlooker is designed to solve that simple pain -- and to save people money....which is something that the entire team at Judy's Book has gotten obsessed with recently.  Moreover,  CouponLooker would not be possible were it not for the engine that we're building at Judy's Book.  More cool stuff to come!

We monitor top coupon and deal sites, extract online coupon information and then de-dupe and surface the best coupons. We display data like the coupon code, the store, and the expiration date to save users time and effort. Because we’re focusing on finding coupons as opposed to web pages about coupons we do a better job than other sites. (I think)

Please check it out and let me know what you think (give me feedbac) via email at :
info at couponlooker dot com. 

You can also check out the coupon widget right here on my blog....