Change happening at RevenueLoan

The first 9 months of RevenueLoan has been great. We've made a good number of investments into some great companies and more importantly, learned a lot. Today, I'm thinking about putting into writing our corporate values. This is a first draft. I have not run these by my team yet and plan to do so before putting them into cement. I thougth I'd share my first draft with you at the same time as them:

  • Fun - We believe that if you have fun together at our company, we'll create a better outcome and have a better time doing it.  
  • Swift - Swift is both fast and flexible. We strive to be both. We think speed is a competitive advantage. 
  • Listening - We value feedback A LOT. We strive to listen to our customers, employees, and investors as the key indicators as to how we are doing. 
  • Innovative - We are creating something special and new. We plan on winning through innovating. We don't take the way the world as the way the world ought to be. 

What do you think? Any feedback? I'm listening and likely to adapt swiftly ;-)