Business is a momentum game

One of the most powerful forces in business. It's important to one's career. And it's really important to a startup's success.  The important thing for a startup is to create some business momentum. That often comes in the form first of team and product and ultimately (hopefully) translates into revenue momentum.  

I think that companies that gain momentum make the most profit when they've got full momentum. Think about Apple. I think it was the ipod and the iphone that gave the company momentum -- but right now there's not much stopping them from making money.  When you lose momentum, it's hard to regain it -- just ask Microsoft. I love the company -- it's a critical northwest pillar, but they've lost some of their momentum. What's interesting is that, they had so much momentum 10 years ago, they're still making insane amounts of money today despite losing business momentum and mindshare. 

Now back to the world of small companies and entrepreneurship - -think about momentum and how you plan to generate it for your business. Once you get some, be sure to foster it!