Breathe a sigh of relief

Unfortunately, I haven't posted since Nov. 4, 2008 - the election of President elect Obama. The hard thing about writing now is that me emotions aren't quite as present as they were. That said, I recall that evening as the first time in recent American history that I was proud to be an American.  Regardless of your political background or affiliation, the election of Obama was a major milestone for America.  Obam's rise is one that we can all admire and feel proud of -- that we as a country have seen fit to elect our first black president only 60 some odd years after blacks had to ride at the back of the bus. 
Two of the weird things about the election night are :

  1. I don't think the election would have happened had it not been for the colossal disaster of the George W. Bush presidency and while George W. can't claim the election as a victory. He is to be thanked in part for Obama's victory.
  2. Proposition 8 looks like ti passed revoking the right of gay people to legally marry in California.  Ironic. I guess as a country we're more homophobic than racist.  Or more aptly put, better to be a black straight man than a white gay man -- you get the idea.  Makes you wonder when and if we'll ever have an openly gay president!?