Blogknowledgement from Tech Crunch

For the longest time, I wondered when and if Judy's Book would get mentioned by Tech Crunch.  It's interesting -- our service isn't aimed at the Tech Crunch crowd. We're specifically aiming at a different more mainstream audience. Yet, I work in technology and am a fan of lots of the big bloggers -- Mike, John, Jason, Nick etc. So, I am pleased with Michael Arrington's (Tech Crunch) most recent post about Judy's Book and my blogging. It's encouraging. It'll even be more encouraging when Mike recognizes Judy's Book product as cool and important to consumers -- my hope is that comes sometime in Q2 when we relaunch the product.

Until then, I just want to thank Mike for noticing my blog -- and the hard work of the team here at Judy's Book to recognize weakness, and to take some bold steps in the hopes that the business works. Thanks for acknowledging the process.

PS I'm happy not to be in the deadpool -- and I have every intention of keeping Judy's Book far away from it.