Bill Lovely Sr. and the value of mentorship

I learned that Bill Lovely Sr. died this past week.  Made me sad. I will remember him fondly. 

During the summer of my freshman and sophomore year at Brown University, I received an internship from on of my parents friends -- Bill Lovely Sr.   He was one of the managers at a brokerage house in Boston, MA named Kidder Peabody.  I was into the stock market and wanted to learn more. I don't remember much from the internship other than the commute from S. Easton to Boston in the morning and at the end of the day.  Bill was a charming, charismatic Irishman who could bend a tale about the history of Boston, the banking industry, and politics with the best of them.  Each morning he drove me to and fro work -- and would talk about life. I was bushy taled and hung on every word. I'll never forget he used to tell me that "you'll lose your liberalism when you lose your baby fat".  Hasn't happened yet and my baby fat is long gon -- but I loved the quote.  At route, I always felt like Bill Lovely Sr. liked me -- and that meant a lot to me.  I'm not sure why he liked me but the approval of an elder man other than my father was important personally and professionally. Thanks Bill. Rest in peace.