Big tuna toasted well

This is my new favorite daily order at the high end convenience store across the street from Founder's Co-op. I just ordered it for lunch again and the order gave me a smile. It made me think "am I a big tuna?!" and it also made me think about the daily rituals of my life like:

  • a 7 minute steam shower and shave followed by a few tabs of Chanel aftershave
  • a single shot non fat latte from louisa's
  • a tour of twitter and Facebook
  • a quick check of CNBC and stock prices of the S&P, Apple, Google and Amazon
  • a walk to lake union to check out the water and the boats
  • a review of Google news for headlines and hopefully some of my favorite blogs
  • 15 minutes of some kind of exercise (stairmaster most often)
  • Lastly -- write a blog post (doesn't happen everyday but I want it to)