Are you too old or too late stage for TechStars? The most common TechStars misperception debunked


I know a number of you are far along in your businesses already -- and you may think you or your company are too "old" or "mature" for TechStars.  You may already have a couple startups under your belt already and think you know what you're doing so you don't need TechStars.
Au contraire. I don't think this is true at all.
In fact, I want you all to know that I think you should consider applying for TechStars -- I think the program is awesome ....and an awesome value for companies that are past the initial step of building a company. In my opinion, it's the multiple time CEOs that are some of the people that can see the benefit and get the most out of the TechStars program. 
TechStars is an accelerator and I've seen instances where the acceleration part of TechStars actually helps existing companies as much if not more than raw startups.  In NYC TechStars, for instance, there were companies that already had 1MM in funding and already had greater than 1MM in revenue. These "mature" companies really rocked coming out of the program. If you want to read about one such company you can read about the company RedRover here and here. The articles give a good articulation of the value that a little later stage company can get from TechStars....and the CEO thought process for putting his company into TechStars.  
The trade off of equity to dilution and the benefits you get from being in TechStars are a huge win for almost any company that gets in. I think TechStars can really help you narrow your focus, open doors, get people to care about your startup, get funding, get publicity and accelerate in a 3 month period. I'd put my own company in the program without hesitation. If you want to discuss whether it's a fit for you -- let me know. Email me.
I should mention that there are over 600 applications this year so this plug is not because we're in need of more applications and it will be more competitive than ever to get in -- I just want those companies and CEOs to make an informed decision about who can really benefit from TechStars.