Andres Rodriguez was right

Andres Rodrigues -- founder of archivas and was one of my partners at abuzz. Great guy. Super talented guy. Great partner....and as such, we had some good fights (the majority of which were healthy and productive) One of the sources of conflict back in 1996-7 was that Andres and Meg had 1 and then 2 kids. He now has 4. God bless them. During the early abuzz days, we worked around the clock and Andres had to leave to be with the family.  I think he felt guilty about leaving when the rest of the team was cranking away. Occasionally (not frequently) I gave him grief about hours worked. He told me it was totally de-motivating to be managed by "hours worked"; and moreover, that the way to incent smart, talented people (of which he was one) was with (vision and) tasks accompished. He also told me that one day when I had children that I'd understand his situation. I now have 2 children -- my daughter and key man (see previous post)

And Well -- Andres Rodriguez -- you were right on both accounts!