An inconvenient truth

Saw the movie tonight. I was brought to tears. It's a devastating movie -- i wasn't left with a lot of hope. Just as I was leaving the movie I was reminded of the day that we learned that my mother in law Judy was diagnosed with cancer. We were in her hotel and she was rolled up in a boll crying. After seeing this movie, I wanted to roll up in a ball and cry....I've just learned what I alwasy knew -- that the earth has cancer and we in America are guilty of smoking. 

I walked out of the airconditioned movie theatre and into scorching 90 degree heat at 11PM in NYC.  Fuck, we've got cancer.  I've already bought my hybrid car and a we're likely to put in solar power into our house ....but what's an individual to do. I read my friend Ryan McIntyre's post on the movie and gaine a little hope....but not enough. If you've got suggestions, I'm all ears. Shouldn't we all quit our jobs and conduct a lorenzo's oil experiment to fix this pressing problem?