An email to my republican friends

I got a handful of emails yesterday from my Republican friends.  Most of them know that Bush is a disaster but they feel compelled to justify and rationalize their past votes and political leanings.  A couple of them have said, "I'm a single issue voter and Bush has delivered on lower taxes." 
At first, I left this statement alone but ultimately felt compelled to write this in an email to one of these single issue republicans:

I think you're smarter than that.... You know... these single issue voters are frankly stupid -- when have you made any important decision in life based on one factor. Whether it be an investment in a company, a job decision, a date request, what to have for dinner etc. it's always based on a more general view of the situation....and from a general perspective, Bush and his staff look incompetent at best....

You can be a republican and be smart but if you still think Bush is doing a good job (even with the your view of lower my taxes -- he economically undermined this country in a major way)...well, then -- you're a lot less smart than I thought you were.