A toyota family

We're now a 2 hybrid car family. Last night I bought one of the last hybrids available in the Seattle area.  We've owned and been really happy with the hybrid Camry....so much so that we went out and bought a prius!  Need I say anymore?
There were 3 interesting things about the purchase for me:

  1. Demand for Priuses is super high and getting higher as the price of gas continues up. So much so, that supply is short and this makes the Toyota dealerships ("appropriately"?) snotty. I went to buy a prius and was already pre-sold before I walked in the dealerships door. Once there, I asked them if I could put a deposit on one of their last 2 cars but wanted to check with my wife on color. i.e I wasn't sure my wife would like the color and wouldn't prefer to wait 6 weeks for the color and style she wanted. (it was her car). The dealer said no -- they wouldn't hold the car for 24 hours. That I either had to buy it or not because someone was going to buy the car tonight. That's what I call sellers advantage.
  2. I ultimately didn't buy the car at the above dealer. I got into my car; looked up another dealer in the area on my cell phone, called the dealer, and made the purchase over the phone. There was one snafu-- they wouldn't  accept a fax signature as a signed deal. They ended up coming to where I was eating dinner and getting me to sign the purchase agreement.
  3. The analysis of purchasing a prius is simpler than ever: reliable car, great gas mileage in a more costly gas environment, and feel good for the environment PLUS excellent value retention.