A new trend with cell phones and voice to text

I've been hearing and reading about a company called simulscribe which is a company that allows you to read your email. Essentially, they have paid labor (supposedly in a low cost English speaking country like India or South America) that transcribes your voice mail once per day and emails you. It's a pretty cool service that I'm thinking of trying out.
What I think is even cooler is some of the business applications for this.  Guy Kawasaki's new site truemors did a deal with Simulscribe (I think -- though I'm not 100% sure) to power their 1-800-truemors number.This is a low cost way for businesses to add a whole new market.
I suspect there are going to be lots of applications like this in the next 24 months. I'm so confident in that fact that about 9 months ago I made a small angel investment in a company called jott that does some similar things. Worth checking both companies out.