A vc blew and an entrepreneur jizzed his pants

Forgive me for the suggestive nature of the title of this post. It's a play on the song which I've become a huge fan of ...if you haven't heard the song you should go here and listen to it. 
I was recently reminded of the time (1996) when Ted DIntersmith of Charles River Ventures came to our offices at abuzz and expressed interest in what we were doing. I was SO excited -- it was exciting to have someone acknowledge what we were doing with the potenital of investing a few million dollars to make our dream real. Well, when he came to our offices on Galen St. in Watertown, MA I think I jizzed my professional pants. I smile just thinking about that time. I never did a deal with CRV -- Ted was just doing his job and checking out "neat"technology companies in the Boston area. I share this story because entrepreneurs shouldn't get too excited when a VC calls on them - don't jizz your pants - there can be lots of reasons for the call....and a vc call doesn't make a deal or a company. That said, it's natural to be excited -- and by all means take the call and see where it leads.