A tribute to Geoffrey Moore: knocking over that first pin

The two companies that Founder's Co-op is invested in, Cooler Planet and Orange Line Media, are making big strides to knocking over their first markets.  Cooler Planet has been in business just under 1 year and is recognized as the best consumer resource site for Solar.  Orange Line Media is only 5 months old so it's still too early to tell but I believe they'll be a big player in the microstock photography market.  With both companies, we find ourselves able to think 6 to 12 months out and to wonder about what we should be doing next. These thoughts are strategic in nature and are important. However, every time we have these discussions and thoughts, I'm confronted by tthe fact that we have a long way to go to capturing the first market we're in and exhibiting our mastery of the tactics it takes to "own" that market.  I think it's fair to say that for the first year of operations in an early stage company, the tactical is the strategic and theres nothing more important than following Geoffrey Moore's advice.