A rough apple day...I'm switching back to microsoft

It's a sad day. I'm switching back to PCs and Microsoft products.  Yesterday, I took the leap and purchased a iPhone!  First impressions were awesome. The packaging was great. The product was sleek. And then came sign up. I fought through the sign up and got everything working. It took longer than I'd like largely because  I'm not familiar with apple's basic software packages. I'm sure they're a better user experience than Microsoft's but I just got fed up with my own lack of knowledge and expertise. By lunch today, I admitted defeat. I admitted that I have better and more important tasks on my hands than to fighting through the transition curve back to apple products.  My decision was influenced by the fact that I am running an entire PC network at home and that switching to a single Mac at work just wouldn't work for me. Purchasing the iPhone meant I was going to have to convert my home network too and I just wasn't willing to take up all the time that that was going to take. I guess I'm just a PC nerd. I hope Redmond will take me back as a customer.