3 reasons why should you apply to TechStars Seattle


It’s that time of year again! I’m thrilled to announce that we have opened applications for our 4th TechStars program here in Seattle! 2012 was a great success for the entrepreneurs and the entire Seattle community and we’re really excited about making the class of 2013 even better.

3 reasons why should you apply to TechStars Seattle?

1. The Mentor Network is awesome.TechStars introduces you to a group of Seattle’s high-quality mentors, investors, and resources, you will be immediately plugged into a massive network of like-minded people ready to help.

2. You’ll work with a high quality group of other entrepreneurs! You’ll be surrounded by other companies who are sympathetic confidants, and be able to share this experience and learn from one another, plus you’ll have someone to try all those microbrews with.

3.  You'll belong to a lifelong entrepreneur club.You’ll form a collection of alums, mentors and friends that you will have access to for the rest of your personal and professional life. Once you’re in TechStars, you’ll be a member for life.

Still not convinced why you should apply to TechStars Seattle? Click here to read about 4 more reasons why you should apply to TechStars Seattle. This year we’re expecting lots of applications – making competition tough -- so be sure to apply early! (i.e. now)

We’re looking for smart, cohesive teams that can iterate quickly and execute.  If you are one of these people then join forces with TechStars Seattle and see what three months of top-notch mentorship could mean to your startup.

Apply now!

Early application deadline is May 3rd and final deadline is May 31st. TechStars Seattle 2013 applications are now open!