Today is weigh in day. I'm 1lb lighter than last week. I suspect that is within the standard variation and may mean I've not lost any weight....but I feel good. Had a good week of exercise and made some progress in eating better. The eating better part is the real challenge for me....regular exercise I do well at. My diet thus far is as follows:

  • Eat less pasta and bread (which should be easy to do given the amount I am accustomed to eating)
  • Eat more fruit
  • Eat some breakfast and a big lunch.
  • Minimize desert intake. A weak point for me on Tuesday. I ate 6 Oreos in 6 minutes ....as if they were Scooby snacks. Good for the eating contest but bad for the diet.
  • Don't eat any food after 7PM (doing well at this )
  • Drinking lots of water each day.
  • I haven't decided what do to with alcohol ....

That's it so far. It's a start.