2 year anniversary dinner of Cooler Planet

I went out last night with Tom Staples and Danny Vo of Cooler Planet to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the company. We had a lot of fun ....and a few tequila shots at Joey's In Seattle. It was fun to look back at the history of the company and think about the things we did we and the things that we didn't do well. We actually made a list of the the top 3 important milestones of the company and they are:

  • Agreeing to partner with ASES
  • Deciding in Nov. 2008 to become profitable (and cutting costs appropriately)
  • Focusing in on our top 5 keywords

We also made a list of mistakes that we could have made but didn't and they are:

  • Expanding beyond the solar market into other verticals
  • Eliminating our focus on qualification -- we believe that qualifying leads on behalf of merchants is a critical differentiator for us
  • Become an outside sales force for solar installers

I'm super proud of what these guys have accomplished in the last 2 years and can't wait to see them continue to succeed. They're doing a great job -- I have a ton of fun working with them.