My travels

It's hard to summarize my month off into a post. In fact, I don't really want to do because I feel like the time off was so precious! That said, you should know that my travels took me to Cuba, Cancun, Las Vegas, Miami, Santa Fe and a bunch of other places. I didn't do anything really -- and had a great time doing nothing. I ate well. Exercised. Watched movies, CNBC and read newspaper and trashy magazines like US and People. I didn't read email, make phone calls, or conduct any business so to speak. My favorite drinks of the trip were coffee, dark rum straight no ice (an acquired taste for a cuban drink), and vodka grapefruit.  My favorite dinner was at nobu in Miami with my good friend Michael. Oh and one more thing, I napped often!

A month off? What a novel idea in America...

I'm leaving tomorrow on a month off. I originally asked for a month off for my 40th birthday -- and my wife granted my wish 18 months ago. Over the last 18 months, I've had the good fortune to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, dive in the great barrier reef, and motorcycle Europe.  I've had the gift of dreaming -- and that was a great gift in and of itself!
Now, the reality of a month off is upon me -- I'm heading to Las Vegas to check out the world series of poker and then I may make my way to Cuba.  I'm not sure what I do after that....I'll let whimsy and spontaneity take me where they will.
I'm not planning on being in touch -- either by email or phone. And I'm not planning on blogging -- though I reserve the right to do all of the above :-)

So if my blog seems silent or empty -- forgive me, I'm on extended holiday. 

My question for you -- is if you had 1 month off and were traveling alone -- where would you go and what would you do?

Dubai pictures

dubai2.jpg, originally uploaded by a sack of seattle.

Blogging is awesome. I made a post yesterday about the random thought of going to Dubai and New Zealand. I had a reader from New Zealand invite me to coffee and had someone send me an awesome power point about Dubai.  Check out these photos of Dubai !

My 40th birthday revisited

I'm still planning on taking time off sometime next year to celebrate my 40th birthday. I've been thinking about going to New Zealand, Nepal, or Italy....but someone just suggested Dubai! It sort of caught me off guard. I don't know the first thing about the place ...other than they have man made islands. Can anyone tell me positive or negative things about Dubai as a place to visit?