Idea Paint is a great start up product

The folks at IdeaPaint were kind enough to contribute some IdeaPaint to TechStars in Seattle.  We installed the special paint which makes walls into instant whiteboards. The product is very, very cool.  We've painted a bunch of walls with it and people really like the creativity and fun of writing and drawing on the wall.  Sure whiteboards are great -- but IdeaPaint is in a whole new league of product.  Ideapaint is the iPhone of creativity surfaces!  Good stuff. Thanks to Jeff and the whole team at ideaPain!

Movie recommendation: Juno is a must see

I saw Juno this weekend and really liked it.  This is a very well done independent film about a 16 year old who gets pregnant. The acting is great and the nice thing is you never really know what twist or turn the movie is going to take -- in a good way. You're not sure if she's going to have the baby or not, whether she's going to fall in love or not, or how the movie will end. Totally fun good movie. Go see it.